Now in Baywood Park / Los Osos - Long Arm Quilting Services

Now in Baywood Park - Los Osos - long arm quilting services! Specializing in computerized edge-to-edge quilting using our Innova long arm machine with AutoPilot, we have hundreds of patterns to choose from. We look forward to working with you to choose the perfect pattern to finish your quilt. We also carry bamboo, cotton and wool batting.

Quilt Guidelines:

We provide edge-to-edge quilting services using computerized patterns. We do not provide custom or free-motion quilting services - if that is something that you would prefer we would be happy to refer you to local quilt artists that do provide those services. Using our brand new, state of the art, 26" Innova Long Arm machine featuring Grand Format Embroidery (making it the ONLY quilting machine that embroiders) and equipped with the only digital stitch regulator on the market, our quilting service prices vary depending on the size and thread density of the pattern you choose. Patterns range from $.02 cents per square inch to $.03 cents per square inch; however, most patterns are $.025 cents per square inch.

For example:

If your quilt top is 50 inches X 70 inches and your pattern is $.025 cents per square inch:

50 X 70 = 3,500 square inches

3,500 X .025 = $87.50 (plus tax) for quilting. Thread is included in the price.

We would love to help turn your hard work into a beautiful quilt!



Please be sure to follow these important instructions in order to guarantee the best possible results:

Each layer of your quilt (top, batting, backing) will be loaded on the machine independently of one another. This means that your quilt should not be pinned together when you bring it in. Your quilt top and backing fabric should be pressed and wrinkle free.



IMPORTANT: Your backing material must meet the following criteria:

It must be 8 inches wider than the quilt top and 10 inches longer than your quilt top in order to load it properly on to the machine. What this means is that if your quilt top is 50 x 70 inches your backing must measure at least 58 x 80 inches. 

Quilt Top:

Please be sure to press all seams and that your quilt top lays flat - if your borders or seams are wavy your quilt will likely not quilt flat. We will make every attempt to make your quilt as flat as possible; however, if there are a lot of waves and puckers, your finished quilt will also contain waves and puckers.

Your quilt should not have any buttons, beads or embellishments that could interfere with the quilting. 

If your top is directional (meaning it has a definite top/bottom) please be sure to let us know at the time of drop off.


We offer poly, cotton, wool and bamboo batting that vary in price and thickness/weight. We are happy to discuss these options with you to determine the best fit for your quilt, or you can provide your own batting - just be sure that it matches the backing fabric measurements.


We use Omni polyester thread by Superior Threads. 


Our digital patterns vary in price from $.02 cents per square inch for basic meandering to $.03 cents (or more) per square inch for thread intensive patterns. Most patterns are $.025 cents per square inch. This includes mounting your quilt and thread.

Special Fees:

There are fees for other services as follows:

  • Ironing: If we need to iron your quilt there will be a $30 fee added to your invoice.

  • Adding borders: If we need to add muslin to the top or side borders of the backing fabric due to the back not being large enough there will be a $40 fee added to your invoice.

  • Patterns: If you are unable to select a pattern we have in our library and would like to purchase a pattern from one of the vendors we use, we will add half the price of the pattern (usually $10 - $15) to your invoice.

If we need to add a special fee to your invoice, you will be notified prior to your quilt being loaded or any of the services being completed so that there are no surprises when you pick up your quilt.

Minimum Charge:

Regardless of the size of your quilt, the minimum charge for quilting services is $40.00